Harmonick – Harmonick – products made of acid resistant steel

What is Harmonick ?

The concept of HARMONICK was born in the minds of 3 friends sharing a similar vision.

To create a simple functional form based on real solid material, that is, acid resistant steel. Collections of products for the most demanding customers are developed by combining minimalist design and universal style. They are extraordinarily durable and characterised by the highest quality and manufacturing accuracy. Touching these simple daily use products can make us feel how unique they are.

In the modern world of alternatives, distortions and machine-based optimisations of production, we want to give our customers pure Truth which has its weight, shines and radiates with hand-made production. Each product has its own character and history of origin, ready to be discovered…

Real Steel in a Noble Form – HARMONICK

What is acid resistant steel ?

Acid resistant steel, more widely known as stainless steel, was not invented until the second decade of the 19th century and was first patented by two Englishmen, Clark and Woods, in 1872. For thousands of years, the human being was not able to handle the effects of corrosion, as a result of which, for example, no ancient metal rust-free products manufactured by humans have been preserved until our time.

It was only discovered at the beginning of the 19th century in France that a mixture of iron and chromium protects steel against the activity of acidic substances. At the beginning, stainless steel was mainly used for production of cutlery, but the most popular type of steel nowadays (18% of chromium and 8 % of nickel) was patented in Great Britain as early as in 1924. Since then, the application of stainless steel has become more popular and so common that it is hard to believe that its history only traces back several dozen years.

Acid resistant steel 304 gains splendid gloss with a warm shade upon manual processing. Advanced technological processes lead to the formation of a very thin passive layer, due to which steel is resistant to corrosion.

Products made of acid resistant steel 304 can be classified in the group of products with very low risk of inducing nickel allergy. Moreover, it is biologically neutral and can be fully recycled after many years of use.

„Our products are fully hand-made, which is a return to the roots of the essence of manufacturing daily use products with passion and involvement in every detail.”


The idea for the company originated many years ago in response to the needs of the emerging market of motor boats and yachts in Poland, and the demand for stainless steel and aluminium elements required for the construction of floating vessels.

Highest quality has always been our policy, expressed by hand polished surfaces, attractive prices, „just in time” production, flexible cooperation and best possible service.

For more than 30 years KOTNIZ, the leading supplier for the yacht industry in Poland and in Europe, has been expanding its client base which includes the largest and most notable European shipyards.
We are looking forward to working with you.


HARMONICK – brand of Kotniz Group
Designed by Pracownia A.J.
Produced by Kotniz

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